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Our Group has been historically linked to the textile sector since the foundation of the Company in 1928 in Ambert (France).

Ever since this date, Joubert has never stopped developing ...
After corset lacing and shoe laces, Joubert moved towards the market of braided products in textile and rubber and became the first global bungee manufacturer..

Over the years, many other products have been added to the catalogue: Electric fencing, Original Automotive Equipment (nets, cords, straps etc.).
Innovation and research are essential for the Group strategy. The beginning of this century was marked by the growth of our Research & Development department, enabling Joubert to launch many more patented innovations on various markets. Discover some of our latest innovations :

Smart Bungee
Easy Ratchet System
Easy Grip
Free Swim

The main goal has always been the same : The development of quality products to meet specific needs, using a constantly evolving technology, to satisfy the market and each one of our customers.

Some figures :
• French compagny founded in 1928 by Auguste Joubert in Ambert (France)
• Over 80 years of know-how in the textile sector : elastic cable, bungee cords, straps, cords, braids, nets, laces...
1100 staff worldwide
3 production sites : one in France and two abroad: Malaysia and Tunisia.
1 subsidiary in theUSA
1 distribution company equipment and accessories for automotive, sport/recreation and DIY markets
• Presence in over 75 countries worldwide and in the largest distribution companies in Europe and the USA
30 millions Euros consolidated turnover in 2010
2500 references

Discover all our products on our different Websites:
www.joubert-productions.fr ; www.easygrip.fr ; www.cloture-electrique.net ; www.polaire.eu

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