Grip Tex 165/65/15

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Quick Overview

Grip Tex snow socks are a quick and easy solution for traction on ice and snow covered roads.

For Extreme Conditions, Easy Grip snow chains is the solution.

More details

Grip Tex snow socks are a quick and easy solution for traction on ice and snow covered roads.



installation Grip Tex

Mountable / Removable in just 3 minutes.

Interior / exterior elastic band to simplify fitting.

Ideal for vehicles with a reduced wheel house.


Montage chaussettes neige


Maxi grip textile Performance and road handling on snow and ice covered surfaces.

100% Polyester tread for better abrasion resistance.

Maximum grip insured by a 3 Dimensional weaved textile.




ABS ESP Compatible with both ABS and ESP devices.

Elastic structure inside/outside to minimize centrifugation.





Printed soft bag for storage after use

Sacoche Grip Tex





With GRIP TEX the motorist is guaranteed a safe drive in conformity with all the standards in effect.




B 26


Complies with the French regulation (B26 panel) : “ wheel slide protection devices for tyres”.




Vehicules Grip Tex

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