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Smart Bungee – A securing solution, ingenious and flexible, that allows you to create the bungee cord best suited to your needs.

10 pieces pack :

- 4 bungee cords  : 2 X 30 cm ; 2 X 60 cm
- 6 end fittings : 2 steel core hooks; 2 straight connectors ;  2 carabiners
- Sorage bag included

More details

Smart Bungee System

The smartest bungee on the market



    • Insert, twist, it’s locked.

Smart Bungee insertSmart Bungee twistSmart Bungee locked



    • Choose your bungee length and your accessories for hundreds of uses strong and secure.

smart bungee bungees cordscrochet smart bungeeutilisation smart bungeeutilisation smart bungeeutilisation smart bungee



    • The bungee and accessories of our Smart Bungee range are high quality; rot proof and resistant to UV and moisture.

Accessories Smart Bungee

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